Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wrong and right, right here, in your head

It seems 'everyone' has a tough time considering a God as anything less than a anthropomorphic being. Good and bad are human concepts that reside in the minds of humans. An isolated island with no humans has no good or evil or right or wrong or justice or injustice. Plants and animals and all the tiny microscopic critters live in a world devoid of these human concepts. So too does all the inorganic stuff of the universe exist without a right or wrong, a good or a bad, they just exist, but with a built-in potential to sometime evolve into a thing that lives in a world of right and wrong and good and bad. So far, we are the only stuff that can claim this potential realized.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The mystery of mathematics?

I think nature is ignorant of mathematics because mathematics resides in the minds of humans and not outside the brain. It is how the mind attempts to understand and describe the world by observing things, structures, relationships in time and space, and of course quantity. We observe patterns in the natural world, and the mind has created a language to assemble and understand and describe these patterns abstractly. We create concepts like 'numbers' to help our minds think abstractly about our observations, and thus the mind can then make conjectures about these abstractions. And again, a universe without human minds is a universe without the language of mathematics. Of course the natural structures of the universe remain, with or without humans or mathematics.

Holy stuff

I conceive 'God' in anthropomorphic terms, as well as I can conceive of a universe with or without a God/Creator, but I think the conception of these ideas were so long ago, childhood? that perhaps more accurate would be that I now consider various ways of thinking of Gauguin's "Whence Come We? What Are We? Whither Go We?" As for divinity, I can imagine divinity as entity, and too a force and power that permeates this universe. I can conceive and consider a Creator that is both an entity, and too a permeating force. And this permeating force/power? I think potentiality the greatest mystery of this force/power, providing ever change to the universe and all within. From the smallest in the micro-world to the night-sky grandeur, everything seems to be constructed of the same 'holy' stuff, all filled with potentiality, potential to be this now and to be that then. Divinity indeed!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Just visitors

And then they came
Atop the dead and gone
They built floor, walls
And a roof
And briefly they lived
And gone too
After some revolutions
Around the sun
No one remembered
But the earth
That life came
And lived