Friday, May 27, 2016


They wrapped me 
in gold blankets
for the journey
would be long
in time
and here I am
my god is man
who forged me 
in fire
so hot 
and hammered
with blows so hard 
that when my circuits 
brought me to life 
I could but be thankful 
through veins
soon they bid 
me farewell 
I will always 
their will 
and my destiny 
for their awe 
when I tell them 
all that I see 
gathering ever more 
and hope 
they as lucky as I 
will someday  
their maker 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015


It came to be
not suddenly
but oh so slowly
that no one noticed
life constructed
inside round heads
filled with cycles
as hands moved
on digital clocks
yet known
to be unreal
and eyes closed
and light switches
out there
sight unseen
stars moved
around the night sky
we slept
dreaming dreams
that meandered
like long country roads
in sunshine
and shade
tall oak trees
beside river runs
and beyond
grass green hills
soon to dissolve
as day breaks again
eyes open
in the cycles
of the

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


The day broke
and fingers spoke
the computer aglow
the site was there
for all who cared
a touchstone
to start each day
with memories
of truths
so long ago spoke
and still
kept alive
at the break
of each day.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Notebook

He pulled the key from his pocket
to lock the door before leaving
but the key
no longer fit
no matter how hard he tried
the night was getting late
he departed
the door left unlocked
later it rained
then the clouds parted
the black sky
revealed stars
so many that even
a passing fox took notice
for an instant
and inside the house
memories filled the rooms
so much so
that even a moth took notice
before scared away by
a daddy longlegs
the night passed
days passed
years passed
then during one summer
a young boy discovered
the house
and discovered the door
and inside he found
filled with words
and drawings of stars
in the far room
a telescope
and outside
the wind picked up
for it was time
to leave
then after more
than a half century
an old man gazed again
at the notebook
with the drawings
of stars
and with pencil in hand
he slowly connected
the dots
and before morning
he discovered
his way
back home.