Thursday, October 31, 2013


he couldn't abide
by weighty thoughts
for more time than
it took him to gather
his next meal
for what was more serious
food or thought
depending upon
the time of day
or the season
when he approached
his final meals
and discovered
what was necessary
and what
was naught.

Monday, October 21, 2013

In the Details

God is in the details
when everything we build
is constructed
of the same stuff
matter and forces
binding our world
the universe
one atom
one detail
at a time
in order
that you
and I
can see
God is
in the

Hidden Inside

It was a mighty explosion
in the middle of nowhere
no one heard it
no one saw it
burst forth
with stars and other stuff
yet hidden inside
were waiting ears and eyes
to hear and see
so that one day
a mind
would wonder
as to how
while another
would wonder

Good and Bad

The little boy
was taught
the difference
between good and bad
by all those
that thought they knew
and even those
that were confused
by themselves
yet acted out
the same drama
that was placed
inside their heads
oh so long ago
and sometime
much later
the young man read
countless books
and daily newspapers
and most of all
talked and walked
with many people
and before he knew it
he recognized
goodness and badness
and more so
all the in

Monday, October 14, 2013

He Wore a Wizard's Cap

He wore a wizard's cap
and those who did not know
thought it a dunce cap
when he spoke
in tongues
that seemed silly to most
but to a few
seemed to understand
that words are like water
that can quench one's thirst
as quick as can drown
the one
who is
not ready.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Just So

Anything is possible
and only when
atoms guided by
invisible forces
fit together
just so
and will fit no other way
until bodies and minds
that think
yet can not think
in ways that atoms
and forces
do not allow
so that all that exists
can only exist in ways
that fit
just so
except for minds
that imagine
before atoms
before forces
began their work
and who it was
that created
all this monkey business