Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is This?

What is interesting
is that a human
can believe this,
live this,
and when dying
still hold
to this.

The News of Late

The newspaper arrived
at the crack of dawn
and to my surprise
a fish inside
a red herring it was
and all because
the news of late
has grate my soul
and taken its toll
that all I want
is to distract
from all the crap
that fills the air
without a care
except I dare
to eat raw
while still fresh
red herring sushi
served atop
the funny

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We are carbon copies
with elements intact
built to make another
to be almost exact.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adam's First Day

Tick tock
what a shock
this morn I rise
and to my surprise
I see
I see
for the first time
the world to me
is more than this
and more than that
for now
just now
it is me that I see
and I do it
with eyes
shut tight.


The moment
when light turns to dark
inside our brain
imagined light
then comes to life.

"Photons can also be absorbed by nuclei, atoms or molecules, provoking transitions between their energy levels. A classic example is the molecular transition of retinal C20H28O, which is responsible for vision, as discovered in 1958 by Nobel laureate biochemist George Wald and co-workers. The absorption provokes a cis-trans isomerization that, in combination with other such transitions, is transduced into nerve impulses."

Nature is nature

Nature is nature
naturally so
laws and forces
is all it knows
without mind or heart
save for our part
it unwinds cause and effect
with horrific affects
yet minds and hearts
that beat think cruel
when in fact we know
that it is but true
nature is nature

Hunters and gatherers

With twine we bind
all that we find
to later dine
on our banquet
of memories.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Inquiry Full

What is this
that some refute
as matter less
worthy not
of mere dispute
yet puzzle is
for some to bear
and seem to care
what it is
is matter full
and ultimately
answer less
but truth be told
question full.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Inside, Outside

Does the world construct us?
Or do we construct the world?
the world constructs us,
we construct this world,
two different worlds,
one all,
the other residing
inside like brains
constructed alike
to believe alike
in their construction
of what fits right
to seem right
to make them believe
it is right.

Something and Nothing

Do the structures
of nature
exist independent
of minds that
understand the
in thoughts
constructed in
abstract language
inside minds
that create
blueprints of
it all
so that without
a mind
even 2 plus 2
would never
a single