Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Once Wondered

I once wondered  
how far is far  
for then   
the earth was flat  
and all I had  
was my imagination  
but then I studied  
science and things  
that could fit  
in my pockets  
atoms and neutrinos  
and all sorts of things  
invisible to my eyes  
yet known to my brain  
and no more was   
the earth flat  
when I discovered  
that it was the universe  
all along  
that was flat  
and the earth round  
and my mind  

What is, Is

What is, is
and never was
and never will be
for is
is stuck
forever now
until a mind
with memory
and thoughts
can put 
it all

Monday, February 13, 2012

Carbon Talk

Stars are the factories
where protons are smitten 
denser and denser
until the time has come
to release the new creations
with graphite
to talk
marks on paper
carbon given voice
to the universe
and life
for as long
as stars
in the night

In Silence

And right now
on the other side
of the universe
it is snowing
on a dead planet
with no one 
to behold the beauty
of the snowflakes
they fall
in silence.