Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabric of the universe

And it is only the human mind that tries to make it better, to view nature through rose-colored glasses, to take in the beauty and the awe of nature while filtering out the unpleasant. The unconscious effort to make it better ... better, better. Yet with this 'gift' of selective focus, selective awareness 'to make it better' comes the power to make it worse. Innocent nature is unaware of this struggle between good and evil, for the struggle dwells only in the minds of humans, humans who can take invisible concepts and act them out, invisible concepts that are but the electrochemical activity of neurons? or invisible concepts that are 'built' into the fabric of the universe?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An indifferent universe?

I would think the universe is not indifferent if it created life 'out of itself' that can perceive itself -- the 'itself' being everything from the invisible thoughts created within pin-point minds to every building block of matter and energy that compose mind, thoughts, and universe. If anything, the universe is not random, the only randomness is our inability to solve 'problems' that create the illusion of randomness. So far, for every solution that science has come up with, a bit more randomness is removed from our ignorance.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What is real? Real needs not humans, but humans need a realization of the real, as well as anticipation of the coming real, filtered through a vast storehouse of the past real -- memories -- memories of what proved to be real as well as memories of what proved not to be real. The human mind rarely is in the here and now, but always in the anticipated to be, or the always and ever growing was. The thing itself is an imaginary construct of the mind, just as a photograph is a "slice of time" dwelling in a reality that cannot and will not "stop" to become a separate reality. We dwell in the flow of time, and what was, will never again, be what will be, yet our minds need to make sense of this ongoing rush of reality, and does so, by imagining, slices of time, to be, things, unto, themselves.  

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh Sun

Oh sun, so very big you are,
yet why are you so dumb?

In bigness you dwarf my imagination,
yet have you not a solitary thought!

Your energy fuels my very life,
yet ignorant are you of it all!

And my most fleeting thought?
dwarfs light you never see!