Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Sense

Making sense
of a world
a universe
without a thought
but for yours
and mine
the starry night
and atoms
dancing their dance
without a thought
neither rhyme nor reason
except for yours
and mine
we sense
what we can
and construct
what we can
and think we know
what we can
and bite apples
and chew facts
and call it

Monday, October 22, 2012

Creating Memories

I remember
creating memories
out of thin air
one by one
each more amazing
than the other
then summer
came to an end
and school filled
my mind with facts
that crowded my memories
until this day
when I sit
under the shade
of a cottonwood tree
and remember
amazing things
that refused
to flee.

The Plums

The plums
were dark purple
under the summer sun
I reached up
big and round and firm
I picked a basket full
after I bit into one
and juicy and sweet
it was
the basket rested
by the window
in the kitchen
and after I had my fill
the remainder
slowly dried
and it was late July
when I rediscovered
my harvest
now shriveled prunes
and to my delight
even sweeter
than before
as I opened
the back door
holding the basket
and spitting the pits
onto the bed
of white roses.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Constructing Reality

Another daybreak
the world awakes
to my open eyes
as if chewing 
bits of reality
my eyes feed 
my still sleepy mind
as my imagination
hurries to make
the world

Monday, October 01, 2012

Is and Is Not

The unthinkable
What is it
that is not?
That is
and forever is
yet is not?
For all our thinking
is not enough
to make
what is not
to become
what is.

Reverse Engineering a Universe

The universe / oh so slowly / re-created
in words / of countless / souls
and even now / that journey / just begun
until that day / when all / will fit
inside / just / a single one.


Dawn splits heaven from earth
this morning
and I roll over
my eyes close again
as my mind settles
beneath a cottonwood
leaves quaking
in the breeze
as I lay below
and watch
with hands behind head
blue sky beyond
and I blink
the heavens overhead
filled with stars
in the black night
and I awake again
with thoughts
of eggs and bacon
over a break of day
camp fire.

Known and Unknown

The Emperor Moth
took flight at night
beneath a starry sky
to where it went
he never knew
but as for the sun
and the moon
he knew
when and where
his Farmer's Almanac
told him so.