Monday, February 17, 2014

Still Lives On

She reached for his hand
together as one
they wove through the crowd
now she led
a quick glance back
eyes meet
for an instant
that still
lives on.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Inside His Head

Sitting beneath the tree
he adjusted the earbuds
the sounds of nature
recorded long ago
were music to his ears
and the book he opened
written a century before
soon imagined people
came alive
inside his head
along with now
dead birds
still chirping
after all
these years.

Deep Into the Night Too

Sometimes deep into the night
deep into the desert
with but the canopy of stars above
a meandering breeze
that seems to come and go
as it pleases
a kind of darkness below
the circular horizon that stuns the eyes
tiny sounds about
some familiar
some strangers
seated atop gritty sand
still warm from the long departed sun
new smells tickle the nose
the body slowly finds an ease
and seems held upright
by that breeze
the mind
oh the mind
wants to take it all in
as the senses grow bolder
and bolder
what was once ordinary
becomes extraordinary
then the mind lets go
the voice in the brain is dumbstruck
what was thought to be stillness
suddenly becomes forever change
and in the blink of a blind eye
the entire universe
the silenced mind.


Silence may be a tribute
to holiness
but it is the tiny bit
of complex coordination
between mind and matter
that manipulates sound waves
into codes
that all the bigness
is ignorant of
yet other tiny brains
grasp and decode
and too
think and wonder.

Serious Business

No matter the bigness
of the universe
it is composed
of tiny building blocks
be it a galaxy
or my tiny brain
more building blocks
not larger building blocks
that is
serious business.