Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shell Games

It was a puzzle undone
in my mind
it dwelled
each night I returned
only to discover
at the break of day
once holding a shell
before the wave
crashed onto the sand
a young boy ran
holding prize
in hand.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Walking Pi

I found pi in the sky
when I imagined
fluffy white clouds
between hard earth
and black space
floating in a sea
of blue air
to protect numbers
and ideas
inside minds
that walk the surface
of pi
at a time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Weaver

I, the one
who wove the tale
with mystery weaving
through the fray
with awe inspiring
to all
but those that see
not pattern
before the I.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Blueprint

In all the universe
everything is but
the right now
and the right here
time and space
right down to 
the building of atoms
from protons
and neutrons
and electrons
elements built
each the same
as if by blueprint
each with potential
to construct
no more
or no less
than the original

Building Reason

Reason is 
built upon experience
gathered by self
and others who
we think reliable
enough to accept
their rhyme as reason
even though they may
be now but dust
and memory
yet we live life
without experience
because we trust
our gathered reasons
are reliable enough
that we need not touch
the flames to know
that they burn.


Smug as could be
he gazed at his plate
with a look of self
that he alone
plowed the field
planted the corn
and summered
through to 
the harvest
and even the moon 
through the window
to agree
until his wife
broke the silence

The Wall

The wall was covered 
with photographs
maybe over a hundred
thumb tacked somewhat haphazardly 
over there scenes of smiling people
in dress of long ago
beside faded Kodacolor prints
of a once vivid Grand Canyon
and teenagers beside hot rods
posing like James Dean
and an elderly couple
with looks of amazement 
standing beside a huge
Mickey Mouse in Disneyland
and I imagined each picture
but one one-hundredth of a second
slices of time captured on film
and I estimated the entire wall
represented a total of
one second 
or maybe two seconds of time
and I wondered 
what happened
to all the other 


Trowel in gloved hand
I dig into the earth
to make a home
for the bulb
with yellow daffodil 
hiding inside.

Rock Around the Clock

Solid rock
is the mountain
with all the time
in the world
to await 
a ticking clock
to give it rhythm
a beat in time
to rock
the clock.