Friday, August 31, 2012


If I look closely
then all the pieces
the invisible too
do fit together
just so.

The Constants of Nature

The constants
of nature
for infinite

Cut Short

I don't recall
was the response
and like a cleaver
cutting my story short
gone the shared memory
of that time
that place
and I smiled
and talked of rain
and thunderclouds
and lightning
before silently
putting my memory
to rest.

Day One

In the beginning
God cast out a large net
into nothingness
and the net made space
and the time it needed
to discover
not one fish
to be found
and that was
the first day.

Life Unfolds

like an origami puzzle
too complex to understand
each day
new creases and folds
I make
to those that were there
from the start
yet in the end
as I unfold
I no longer can tell
those I made
from those
that were there
from the start.

My Hungry Eyes

In the dark of night
I look up and gaze
upon countless stars
and feel in awe
as starlight
fill and nourish
my hungry eyes
unlike those everyday
sunny photons
these are ancient
old and wise
that touch
my mind.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Lucy was bawling
on the black and white
screen that turned
to snow every so often
in the hot summer night
outside I walked
the neighborhood sidewalk
by myself
from open front doors
flickering light spilled
onto front porches
and at the Taylor house
I could hear Spanish
and then I knew
that crazy Cuban
discovered another
red harebrained scheme
gone wrong.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jonah Tried It

Jonah tried it
and failed
to run away
from the Creator
of the universe
only to discover
how really small
one is when
thinking such thoughts
as never being alone
in the depth of night
looking up to infinity
and still think
a silent voice
inside one's head
is enough
to make personal
that which is

Monday, August 06, 2012


I slap my face
to wake
the universe
it and me
one and the same
it too big
and me
I can count
one, two, three
and you
know not one.

No Tassels

My mind took in  
just enough  
so that it all fit  
like a comfortable  
pair of loafers  
scuffed up and  
and certainly not  
with tassels  
that needlessly  
but facts  
one by one  
filed away  
to await   
another day  
when the tip  
of my tongue  
calls one