Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Generations

See? See?
Isn't that enough
to do?
To look and muse
about the wonder
of it all?
I want more
to do
than to
merely look
and see
when I can
in interaction
talk and listen
read and write
cause and effect
my world
is more
much more
and it happens
right now

One More Miracle

The paradox
of gathered knowledge
is that
former miracles
common knowledge
so abundant
that one cannot count
so widespread
that one cannot grasp

stars, cells, atoms, time,
evolution, water, eclipses,
DNA, metamorphosis

yet the mind
has room enough
for one

Think It Real

Forever change
neither good
nor bad
locked in time
and space
mind too
tries to
halt time
grasp space
just long enough

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Think

And inside the mind
hidden among the memories
and behind the facts
were bits and pieces
of the soul
and if one looked hard
one could catch glimpses
of feelings and beauty
truth and love
curiosity and insight
compassion and imagination
integrity and emotion
the mind claimed it's own
yet when asked
to explain
the essence of the soul
the mind could but say
I think.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Loss for Words

He was at a loss for words
yet in his pocket he had
the entire alphabet
more than enough
to say everything
that has ever
been said.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To the Point

If we look close enough
we come to a point
where matter dissolves
and the best
we can come up with
is point
without matter
yet in this infinitely tiny world
we can pluck one
a quark
and attempt to grasp
that inside our very cells
inside the atoms
that compose those very cells
are quarks
and stars are composed
of quarks
air is composed
of quarks
you and I are composed
of quarks
rocks and mountains
and bears and wolves
and whales and turnips
and automobiles
are composed
of quarks
the many
in oneness
did God created?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meditating Upon Forever Change

Sometimes deep into the night
deep into the desert
with but the canopy of stars above 
and a meandering breeze 
that seems to come and go 
as it pleases
and a kind of darkness below 
a circular horizon that stuns the eyes
and tiny sounds about
some familiar 
some strangers
and seated atop gritty sand 
with still warmth from the long departed sun
new smells tickle the nose
and the body slowly finds an ease 
and seems held upright 
by that breeze
and the mind
oh the mind
wants to take it all in 
as the senses grow bold 
and bolder
what was once ordinary 
becomes extraordinary
then the mind lets go
the voice 
in the brain 
is dumbstruck
and what was thought 
to be stillness 
suddenly becomes 
forever change
and in the blink of a blind eye 
the entire universe 
slips into 
that silent mind.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Flooding Forth

That 'I'
which experiences
and acts
and thinks

that 'self' which is forever
dwelling upon itself

like Adam at the very moment
of self realization
when the 'I' came
flooding forth

a river
a lake
an ocean
that separated Adam
from innocence

humanity now all alone
with but an inner monologue
in stead.