Thursday, June 30, 2011


Chances are
but an idea
in minds 
that design a world 
of befores
and afters
when the universe knows not 
past or future
memory less
foresight less
chance less
when all 
just is
and we think
it could have been
it might be
just because
our minds
it so.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be Careful 2

Be careful
when you enter
through a door
that changes the way
you see the world
in ways that never
your mind thought
in the black and white
days of your upbringing.

Be careful
when the nonsense
suddenly makes sense
and the world springs
to life before your very
and you and that
and here and there
and it and it
are one
and life

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Be careful

Be careful
the knife is sharp
be careful
electricity will shock
be careful
words are dynamite
when pieced together
just so
be careful
when light and dark
feel the same
when solid and space
look the same
when motion and rest
are but blinks of my eyes
or yours
between birth
and death
when knowing and the known
are one
and the same
be careful
when good
and evil
are but part of one
be careful
when you and life
and self and others
and this and that
a mockingbird
a Jaguar XKE
Alpha Centauri
sweet basil
and my nose
are what matters
between the just now
and my
and your
very next thought.
Be careful.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ever changing

Change is in the air
where every molecule
for change
my mind a swirl
of ever change
the now always
the was
the will be
and in the midst
of the ever twirl
you ask
where I stand?
and all I can say
does time
stand still?

The biggest

How big is big  
when the biggest of the big  
in the whole wide universe  
is but invisible to my eye  
the cesium atom   
the big guy  
we think the biggest  
and to think the entire universe  
has nothing bigger  
with all else   
cobbled together  
atoms upon atoms  
a shoe  
a mountain  
a galaxy  
bits upon bits  
yet not a bit  
larger than  
the mighty cesium  
measuring in at  
273 trillionths of a meter  
give or take  
an inch or two!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

To Be

spirit, wind, breath
and sketchy vagueness
rushing into creation
spoken into existence
breath of life
filling me
what will be
for all
dreams and visions
set loose
can you see?
listen up!
I tell the truth
in consciousness
little voices
making room
for it
to be