Saturday, April 22, 2017

Where have all the Bloggers Gone?

It was as though 
the Santa Ana winds 
came suddenly 
in the night 
so that in the morning 
I sneezed
and again
the warm air
now alive 
and whatever 
yet the 
stilled air 
the mountains
one of those 
super realism paintings
the spine of LA
with the march of peaks 
holding back 
the onslaught of sand
the Mojave beyond
we nestled on this side
the Pacific
holding us at bay
and all those writers
poets and artists 
for years at the break
of dawn
tapping their hearts out
filling their blogs
for who?
they only hoped
an audience?
awaiting the words
to spill over 
as the coffee brewed 
we had our favorites
always open for 
just one more
the mundane 
made holy 
as minds reached out
for kindred spirits
to share the moment
a place in time 
this time
our time
on this mote
of rock
we call Earth
then someone blinked 
who? I don’t know 
but time caught up
with some
as if a cane
excused one so
others never held
onto anything for long
so letting go
for them
was as natural
as it is 
for me
to hold on tight.

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