Saturday, July 01, 2006

Notes on the front of the Beatles White Album

Going through a cardboard box of old LPs I came across The Beatles, also know as the White Album. In tight penmanship I hand printed in blue ink the following (date unknown):

I think when one seeks self, one finds not self, but self delusion. Seek to know others, helping others, loving others, then just perhaps the reflections from others will allow you to catch a glimpse of your true self. Others define you, rightly or wrongly, but nevertheless, look to others, observe how others react and treat you, how they interact with you, and foremost, how do you define others? If the most kind and decent and honorable people that you meet and interact with, react in positive ways to you, then you may be on the right path in life. But if the most unkind, indecent, and dishonorable people that you meet, are not changed in your presences, but react to you as they react to everyone else, then that reflection from them may indicate you are on the wrong path in life. Life is about community, not about the isolated self. God looked upon Adam and said it was not good for him to be alone. And, Jesus asked others, who do THEY say I am?