Friday, August 24, 2007

We foregathered and captured star light

Late last evening a few of us were gathered around the dining table discussing some recent celestial observations, last week found some of us watching 'shooting stars' in the wee hours, and last night Bro. Clarence set up his telescope and we had a grand time viewing that which is beyond even our imagination. Can you imagine eyes bombarded with photons that have been traveling through space for countless light-years from distant stars? Can you imagine being touched by a star? Yet we were, really touched, by real photons -- light -- star light captured by our open eyes! The following is what I remember of our post-stargazing dining table discussion.

I think the times are a changing. The religions or belief systems that refuse to awaken to how science works and the 'truths' discovered by the scientific method will go the way of the Dodo (I believe). Truth trumps all. I personally believe in a Creator of ALL, and for me to dismiss the scientific method in its discovery of truths, would be for me to misunderstand and deny the grand Truth. Yet I do not confuse science with scientist, or the practitioners of science, for the irony is that truths revealed care not who reveal them, be they someone moral, amoral, or immoral. Today computers are discovering truths. Truth cares not that a machine reveals a bit more to change some of the unknown into the known. Now we all can have a knapsack filled with truths, truths that our ancestors never imagined, so here we are, the load upon our backs, will we find happiness easier to come by, or kindness towards others easier, or empathy for those hurting around us, an empathy that translates into actions, actions to make wrongs right? Science gives us this knapsack filled with tools, but can we be wise using them when it becomes so easy to exploit the entire earth for the sake of our short-lived comfort? Science can't answer these ultimate questions of human motives, for science doesn't care. Gratefully many scientist do care, but if as some wish for the future a world without religion, then I wonder, will any then be left that remember what caring actually means?


Jeff P said...

Bro. Bartleby, I enjoy your posts! This is Jeff P from over at ScienceMusings. I just wanted to personally let you know that I'm grateful for your input, and hope that you won't be too put off by some of us on the porch. There are some beautifully caring people over there and I've come to respect them all very much. It will seem like hostile territory at times but know that your input is appreciated, and just as doubt has a place in a faith walk, it does a non-believer some good to hear a different perspective.

Ryan said...

Ditto...I hope that through our dialogue we can learn from each other and destroy some of the assumptions and prejudices that we as humans are often times inclined to commit.

Åka said...

Just wanted to say that I returned to this post much later, since I remembered your formulation about "the way of the dodo". I really like your blog.