Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Something for Nothing

A long time ago I looked down and discovered that in one hand I held "something" and in the other hand I held "nothing" and each seemed of equal essence, in that each required the other, and for a very long time I carried them both, and often I would use one, then the other, to show me my way, and after a very long journey I came to my conclusion, I could carry both, with very mixed results, I could carry "something" with more often than not good results, but every attempt to carry but "nothing" produced very bad results. That is when I discarded "nothing" for "something" and so far it feels so right that I puzzle over my prior puzzlement.


Lucy said...

I generally prefer something to nothing in such a case, though sometimes I feel they may be much the same thing, and perhaps what's more important is what we do with it?

jzr said...

I too, like lucy often prefer something to nothing ... but then it depends on what that something is ... anger, envy, clinging, blaming and the like, I wish to leave behind and then prefer the nothing which lightens the burden greatly. But then there is love and I wish to carry that forever!

Lucy said...

The more I read this the more I like it. In fact I know in my heart there IS all the difference in the world between something and nothing, though I'm still at the stage of thinking I need to keep nothing in reserve ( a kind of antithesis of Pascal's wager?)

But don't ask me to tell you what the something is because any attempt to do so makes it something else, and inevitably something less!