Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Riding the arrowhead

I believe in a Creator. I don't know how the monarch butterfly navigates, as well I don't know how a Creator purposely (or not) caused the monarch butterfly to evolve in a way that navigation is part of the tiny package. But I think that that Creator has allowed my brain to evolve to a point that that brain became a mind, a tool of reflection and reason and imagination -- I can wonder, I can observe, I can experiment, I can do them all -- and reach an ever increasing understand of the truth of the monarch butterfly. Of course some can do all the same as well as deny a Creator. But for me I belief that a Creator made something out of nothing, made here and now out of never was -- that is the forever mystery. And all the nuts and bolts of evolution, the mechanics and laws of nature, and the timeline that I find myself riding the arrowhead of, all this the human mind is free to contemplate and observe and touch and even understand with infinite curiosity, for in this realm explanations abound. And if nothing else, the human mind hungers for explanations. And yet for some, the mind hungers for something more -- meaning.


jzr said...

I'm one of those who hungers much more for meaning. Explanations are all well and good but when they become obsessive I think one loses touch with the mystery.

People Power Granny said...

Tonight I saw the most magnificent sunset here in Asheville. And of course, I thought of the Maker of Creation and of Beauty....what some folks would call god or God. Peoplepowergranny laments how we often thumb our noses at the Creator when we constantly devour and destroy many of its most beautiful creations, such as mountains and rivers. Vote in my poll, letting me know what makes you believe in a Higher Being than just us.