Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eyes, Ears, Tongue, and Mind

Lately I've been thinking about how speaking is different from writing, the spoken word from the written word, as well as listening with one's ears as opposed to 'listening' with one's eyes. And of course some of the world's great teachers, Jesus and Socrates and Buddha, spoke, we have not a word from their hands. Plato listened, then wrote, as well did Matthew and Mark and Luke and John. I think Jesus was all about the moment (eternal moment?), speaking and listening, a community activity, a community of two or more, no time for solitary contemplation of static words when breathing words are one with and flow with time and become alive and create relationship. For speaker and listener(s) share a special intimacy of time and place and togetherness, whereas writer and reader share a solitude with a difference kind of intimacy, that of silent words and silent imaginations.

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