Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God's architecture - Part II

If theologians would open their eyes (and minds!) to the countless revelations that science 'discovers' and realize that a revelation such as water is H2O and H2O is HOH and HOH is two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule which are chemical elements that are atoms and that these building blocks of wet reality are mind boggling truths that hint at the nature of God and how God creates, in that the Creation is not a haphazard mystery, but a knowable reality, if and only if one is willing to accept and collect truths as they are discovered, and include, not exclude them from the ongoing metaphor to describe the Unknown.

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Mouse said...

ah, that takes me back to the endless attempts of my ex-husband to explain the Big Bang. He is a theoretical physicist from Cambridge, I am just an ignoramus who keeps asking "But who made the Big Bang?"