Monday, August 17, 2009

To Dis Appear

We of life, the living atop the evolutionary creative mechanism, humans, with minds that can create the universe within our many skulls, create a collectively unique universe, each mind similar enough in matter and design, design by what we call evolution, similar in sensors, in scale, so that we can collectively experience similar views, views constructed in our many minds, yet the constructed universe (the all) that is in our skulls is ours, and ours alone. This uniquely constructed universe in our minds exists only in our minds, in our collective human minds, for without a human mind (and all those brain/minds that are evolutionary less developed than humans, for they too view this universe in our uniquely mind-constructed way), this universe that we think we know would disappear -- vanish when the last mind is no more. Oh yes, you may think that time and matter and atoms and stars and galaxies will still exist, but certainly not in the way that our uniquely evolved sensors and minds have created them to appear.

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