Thursday, July 08, 2010

The whole kit and caboodle -- the expanded version

EVERYTHING just waiting to happen, everything possible that can be built was built from those bare-bone basic building blocks of physics -- chemistry, biology, and all the rest. Built because it had to be built, "it" had no other choice. And built in only one way, the only way, for the building blocks would and will have it no other way.

Using a Tinkertoy set as an analogy for the building blocks of the universe, and as all assemblages like Tinkertoys, they have a kindness that reflects the building blocks themselves. If you view any toy built from Tinkertoys, you can immediately see that Tinkertoys are the underlying structure. It is obvious. And so too when one views an assemblage of the elements of the Periodic table, it is obvious. Too obvious. So obvious that one misses the forest because of the trees ... or maybe misses the trees because of the forest!  
A hundred-some tinkers to toy with and you (and me and everyone) have the entire universe and all that fits inside. Mind boggling that so few elements (118 at last count) can and are assembled into billions of different combinations -- stars and rivers and moons and mountains and people too, for every variation of every DNA coded instruction for life forms are constructed from just five elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Billions of atoms in DNA, yet constructed from just five basic building blocks!

In the universe the look and the size and the form of ALL could be none other than what is, of course variation in the assemblage could have been this way or that way -- and is this way and that way -- but it is all within the limits of the most unlimited few building blocks. And the results will always have the look of the building blocks used in the construction so that the look of the universe as you and I see and dwell within it is what it is, for it could be no other way.

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