Monday, September 30, 2013

The To Do LIst

Where did I put it
my to do list
was missing
and here I was
in the middle of the desert
with a ball-point pen
and no paper
but that was the least
of my worries
as I watched the thunderstorm
off in the distance
and only my rucksack
on my back
filled with enough jerky
to hold me over until
I tired of trail mix
and water enough
or so I thought
for the autumn day
was cool with only hints
of what could come
if I continued to hike
beside the ancient dry river bed
in search of petroglyphs
that I imagined
from the distant storm
would hold clues
to a raging muddy river
that took ancient lives
and those that survived
scratched on rocks
of a river that came
without warning but for
a roar that stopped
hearts in their tracks
and in my cargo pants
I searched again
and lo and behold
the to do list
was in hand
as I read the last
of the scribbled lines
and it said
in case of flash flood
of the above.

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