Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Of Memes and Chihuahuas

I was methodically dissecting a rather perplexing paper on memes when I overheard Bro. Theo recalling one of his earlier epiphanies: "The temperaments of man and the correlation to canine temperaments are remarkably telling." With that I let go of the memes and joined the discussion, adding my thoughts, "Just as chihuahuas must scamper to their drummers, the basset must trudge to his." Then Bro. Theo added, "it takes all kinds ... even among the university crowd, the physicists a tad more excitable than the somewhat free spirited biologists." And then Bro. Juniper turned to me with, "Why must we be soooo politically correct with every 'group/gender/variant' under the sun, yet we feel free to chide the decent chihuahuas?" My retort, "A chihuahua scampering to a different drummer is a blessing from God, for without our scampering, yappering, nipping at the heels friend, the chihuahua, we would already be in heaven, and then, what would become of hope?"

Bro. Bartleby

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