Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Spike Verity

I was mulling a problem while awaiting lunch time and strolling in the courtyard and Spike, Bro. Juniper's feisty mongrel (a mix of fox terrier, beagle, Dalmatian, and poodle) began, as he often does, to chase his tail. And around and around and around he went, when finally he completed the circle and snatched his tail with a grrrrr-ing snap of his jaw -- "Eureka!" I burst out. The circle was complete! The grrrrr-s ceased, the endless chase ceased, and a sort of calmness fell over Spike as he slumped down, with tail still in mouth, and soon a peaceful slumber overcame the once bedeviled dog.

With that I couldn't help but slap my forehead, a dazzling display of truth before my very eyes! It all fit together so quickly in my mind that all that was left was for a name, a title for this dog chasing tail metaphor, at first I thought the "circular motif" ... but that was quickly replaced with "The Spike Verity" -- with a grin on my face that I could not wipe away, I rushed to the dining hall and quickly seated my self. With a plate of hard-boiled eggs before me, I whispered to Bro. James and requested the megaphone, which was resting on the seat beside Bro. James, and unused at the moment. Bro. James obliged, and I took the megaphone and related my observations of Spike in the courtyard, then wishing the brothers to hold that image of Spike chasing its tail in mind, I presented my Easter epiphany.

The Spike Verity

Acknowledgement/realization is a segment of the circle,

repentance/remorse is a segment of the circle, and

forgiveness/grace/mercy is a segment of the circle --

any one segment missing and the circle is incomplete/broken/wanting.


Bro. Simon presents his take on the matter:

The Spike Revelation:

Mystery/Seeking/Seized/Holding Fast/Harmony

Mystery: the tale spotted, yet not identified

Seeking: the chase begins, the mystery just beyond grasp

Seized: the mystery seized, with blinding pain

Holding Fast: the mystery brings comfort, the chase ends

Harmony: unity restored, the circle complete, time for dreams and visions and flights of fancy


Moof said...

Brother Bartleby, I'm a little confused by your circle. There seem to be some leaps of logic which elude me, although I grasp the general sense.

Action of man >> Acknowledgement/realization is a segment of the circle,

Action of man >> repentance/remorse is a segment of the circle, and

Action of God? >> forgiveness/grace/mercy is a segment of the circle --

Repentance and remorse are self explanatory, but I'm not sure about the other actions: acknowledgement of what? Realization of what?

And forgiveness/grace/mercy ... is that, indeed, the action of God?

Very interesting post ...

Anonymous said...
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