Sunday, May 14, 2006


Who taught me?
One twig at a time
Around and around I go


Moof said...

Brother, sometimes I read what you wrote, and I scratch my head. I'm sure there's wisdom there. You've laid it all out for anyone in the world to taste ...

... but some of your readers are, and need the parable explained.

Could you provide us with a key?

Bro. Bartleby said...

Just my recent thoughts on what 'innate' and 'instinct' and 'inborn' really mean. A few science friends sort of shrugged their shoulders, or directed me to some rather convoluted thoughts that fit 'innate' behavior such as bird nestbuilding into evolution. So I merely have a sparrow asking the question, "who taught me?" After all, I've yet to witness fledglings attending Nestbuilding 101. So, now you have a key.

Moof said...

Thank you Brother. I'll meditate on your sparrow.