Saturday, May 27, 2006

A yucca hammock

Yesterday Bro. Clarence was sporting his brand new self-made yucca woven sandals, and beside him, Gordon Hu was deeply focused in his work, he was putting the finishing knots on a just woven yucca hammock! I'll admit, I purchased my hammock a few years ago at a sporting goods store, and it is still in decent sharp, yet when placed side by side with Gordon's yucca woven hammock, oh my, his makes my mass-produced hammock appear somewhat inauthentic. When I mentioned that outloud, as Gordon was tying his hammock beside mine, he let go with a hardy laugh. Bro. Clarence asked why the laugh, and Gordon came over and began to inspect my hammock, and lo and behold, he tugged at a tiny tag that was previously hidden in a corner fold. "Made in China," he laughed, then added, "Now we have two Chinese made hammocks!"

A bit later, I was resting on my hammock and Gordon was testing his, then sort of musing out loud, he said, "I really miss Calvin & Hobbes." Now it was my turn to laugh, for I said, "Me too." Then after a moment of silence, Gordon said, "One of my favorites ... Hobbes is helping Calvin get the mail from the mail box and Calvin says 'Ah! I got the letter I wrote to myself!' Hobbes replies: 'What did you write?' Calvin (reading aloud) says 'Dear Calvin, Hi! I'm writing this on Monday. What day is it now? How are things going? Your Pal, Calvin.' Calvin then goes on to say: 'My past self is corresponding with my future self.' And Hobbes replies: 'Too bad you can't write back.'"

With that we both fell silent, only the occasional fluttering of the sparrow's wings as it flew to and fro kept us both in the present.

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Moof said...

Brother ... I love your posts. Please keep them coming!

Have a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend.