Thursday, March 15, 2007

God's thoughts?

It has been an interesting few days at the monastery, for many of the brothers have been pondering the thoughts of Lao Tzu, that is until Bro. Clarence asked to speak last evening after our meal. Perhaps I should wait until I can flesh this out a bit, but I think it more fun if I just copy some of the notes that I took last evening during Bro. Clarence's talk.

Our note found in the corked bottle seems to have touched each of us in a different way, for me I wish to say that the one quote by Lao Tzu, "To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." did exactly that, for I didn't sleep that night, instead I meditated on the stillness of the darkness and I would guess that after three hours light began to illuminate my mind and this invisible light, for it was still hours before dawn, that these thoughts came to be.

A bell gongs and sends sound waves to my ears and the eardrum vibrates and these vibrations are sensed by the mechanisms of the inner ear which are translated to electro/chemical signals that are sent to the brain to be further processed and then inside that glob of grey matter the bell gongs in silence.

Likewise the candle is lit and the light waves strike my eyes and the rods and cones are stimulated and these stimulations are sensed by the optic nerve by electro/chemicals signals that are sent to the brain to be further processed and then inside my skull the candle is lit, in total darkness.

And in these two examples, the electro/chemical mix that transports both the bell's gong and the candle's light, are the exact same mix. The signal transporters are the same! For sound as for light! It is the mind that deciphers those signals and determines them to be sound or light. Now isn't that amazing?

Now hold that for a moment while I tell you about what Luis de Broglie discovered, a discovery now called de Broglie waves. First Einstein claimed that matter is really a form of energy, then de Broglie claimed that matter, all matter, is fundamentally wave lengths and frequency of that wave. Now when I say all matter, I mean everything, including me and you! So the floor and earth that I stand atop is really 99.9% empty space, and what isn't empty is de Broglie's waves. Now doesn't that boggle your minds? Well hold on for what's next.

If everything, except the 99.9% of nothing, is fundamentally waves, and the floor I'm standing on is but the .1% of matter ... I mean waves, and the floor atop the earth the same, and my sandals too! And me too! Now what am I saying? All the earth, we included, the stars overhead, everything ... are these de Broglie's waves? Which brings us back to the bell's gong and the candle's light ... that too! Brothers! I am not speaking metaphorically, I am not being poetic, we are talking science!

All existence is totally ethereal, in Hebrew is the word "emet" (truth) which means an all encompassing reality, the building blocks from which all is constructed, so are these de Broglie's waves in fact "emet" ... the building blocks of this all encompassing reality? I wonder.

Upon which Bro. Simon stated that Bro. Clarence's "wonder" was too in fact part of the woven fabric of "waves" that may all be simply God's thoughts.

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