Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lighting candles inside dark minds

I was mulling over the reality of what my senses tell me and how the inside of my skull can hold the entire night sky of countless stars and universes and these two cameras of eyes do the mechanical work of catching the onslaught of photons from distances that I can hardly imagine and through the mechanics of a camera actually create a picture within the two orbs, yet those physical pictures dissolve before the electro/chemical impulses begin their journey through the optic nerve and then this brain reads these impulses and recreates the entire night sky -- where? Wouldn't it be a relief to discover a tiny theater with a tiny CinemaScope screen hidden in the depths of that grey matter? But truth be told many a brain have been sliced and diced and nary a rumpus room with a Zenith, let alone a theater with a CinemaScope screen. But this doesn't make sense, for I visualize nothing behind my eyes, I visualize everything in front of my eyes! Like Bro. Clarence said, in a dark room I light a candle and those photons of light enter my eyeball and stop there, the projected image is translated into impulses that travel the optic nerve and end in some dark recess of my brain, and in total darkness my brain 'throws' a re-creation of that candle burning right through my bony skull and makes the re-created candle seem to burn brightly before my eyes in a place where that very real material candle is actually burning! Hmmm...

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