Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The past few days


I imagine  
is it real  
is it here  
or nowhere   
to be  
is it I  
and it  
and one and one  
making we  
together imagining  
just me?

I watched the news today

Egypt in chaos  
the tweet did say  
with cries in the air  
another did dare  
dreams running wild  
I imagined to care  
tear soaked prayers  
from gas in the air  
for want of little  
I wondered who cared  
until breaking news  
made real   
those who dared.

In the beginning

Inside the tiny thimble be  
all the universe including   
you and me  
yet the matter then at hand  
was not the final plan  
for need be time   
and a place  
for stars to race  
birds to fly  
and a porch   
for you   
and I.  

The word

I thought a thought  
and then another  
that the first  
only there  
to provide support  
and in short  
God the name  
it unknown  
but to me   
a simply word  
it a key  
unlocks the door  
and I explore  
the other side  
that does resides  
my head.

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