Saturday, March 04, 2006

Angels and Pinhead Project

This morning at break fast, at the dining table, I attempted to describe to the brothers a vision I had during my desert trek. I had the vision and I'll try to relate it here as I related it at break fast. I only relate it for Bro. Juniper assured me that this vision may ultimately have great ramifications in our 'angels and pinhead' study (a current monastery project). First, imagine a circle that is composed of a sequence of the digits of Pi.


And as Bro. Fauxman (a former mathematicians from the former Soviet Union) explained to us this morning, the first 768 digits of pi end with the classic '999999' -- or as our late Bro. Richard called it, the 'Feynmann point.' This he calls a very interesting number, for 768 has several curious properties, first being it is three times a 4th power, second, three times a power of 2, and third, twelve times a cube. But back to our illustration, using the first 768 digits of pi and ending with the Feynmann point, we have 'discovered' a circle -- a pinhead! And now you may ask, where do the angels fit in? Well, I'm working on that ... let me sleep on it.


Bro. Fauxman, at our lunch time, raised what he described "an interesting issue" concerning our 'Angels and Pinhead' study, that being that if you add 768 together and take the square root, the result 4.582575666 actually ends in 666. "Not a likely place for angels to dance, is it?" said Bro. Fauxman. Whereupon he called this the "Danger Point."

Addendum addendum:

Bro. Fauxman at the dining table announced that he had a rather pointed vision just prior to entering the dining hall. With megaphone in hand, he stood atop his chair (for Bro. Fauxman is rather not tall) and spoke:

"Let me confess the errors of my ways, several hours ago I presented the 'Danger Point' as the platform on which dancing angels do their dancing, but I was in error, my calculations were in fact referring to the 'pinpoint' which is of course the opposite end from the pinhead, where said angels dance. And the said 'Danger Point' or pinpoint, where the '666' doesn't end, but 'begins' -- for said pinpoint is the entry point of the 'pinhole' where Satan gets his pinprick. And that is why all the angels are dancing."

With that Bro. Fauxman was cheered as a jolly good fellow, then raised atop the shoulders of Bro. Juniper and Bro. Sedwick, and with megaphone still in hand, Bro. Fauxman cheered most loudly: "credo, quia absurdum!"

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