Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Assisi Warriors?

A rumor is afloat in the monastery, Bro. Dominick while preparing corks in the cellar overheard Bro. Simon muttering to himself, something about having to type a proposal for the dear abbot on a very pesky Remington Rand typewriter. From what Bro. Dominick could gather after confronting Bro. Simon, the scheme is this: the monastery will use the funds from painted icon sales to purchase obsolete fire lookout towers in the national forests, and thus converting them to, what Abbot Eastley will call, Assisi Retreats. These fire lookout towers will house captains of industry who will spend a week in the company of several brothers, who will in the tradition of St. Francis, preach to the birds and rabbits and deers and any other critters who wish to join the captains of industry. It is the abbot's hope that these retreats will produce a new breed of environmentally-sensitive captains of industry who will return to industry wearing the "Assisi Warrior" T-shirts, and as Bro. Simon added somewhat sarcastically, "silly smiles on their faces."

Bro. Bartleby

"Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."
--Francis of Assisi

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Moof said...

*polite cough*

Brother, are you quite serious?