Friday, June 16, 2006

A Borderless World?

Back in the hammock again, this time with much cheeping in the background, mother sparrow zipping about, gathering meals to quiet her young, and this made me think of the freedom of birds, seemingly flying about in a borderless world, but then that isn't true, birds as well as other creatures mark off their territory, their personal space so to speak, and these invisible borders (invisible to us humans) form a complex of irregular demarcations that cover the earth. How so we marveled at the first photos of earth taken from space, the blue marble someone thought the earth appeared, then others pointed out the absences of borders, and even others thought this blue marble planet appeared so peaceful from the distance of space. Yes, distance can be deceiving, time too. So a few romantics, or commune dwellers, dreamed of the day when reality would be just as that distant view from space, a borderless world. Well, with borders in the news lately, I again considered this most unnatural proposition, a borderless world. And yes, the current borderless world is coming along just fine, even if we have to make a show of putting the military on the border and pretend we are building a 'real wall' ... but all that is a sideshow, for the real borders of today are economic borders, and the powers controlling world economies have us to believe that the old political borders are not only a remnant of the past, but that they hinder the free flow of trade, and likewise, the free flow of people.

So, what if the old borders were no more and folks could then move about as they wished? I suspect that in no time the old genes would kick in and 'birds of a feather will flock together' ... this time not birds of birth or birds of tribe or birds of nationality, but birds of vigor and zeal and enterprise will congregate together while birds of slumber and indifference will find common ground. And over time, the diligent birds will begin building borders around their enterprise to keep the indifference birds from spoiling their landscape. And then, some on the outside will claim kinship and blood ties with some inside, and will search archives for ancient maps and birth records, and will make their case that it is only natural for birds of birth and tribe and nationality to flock together.

Bro. Bartleby

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