Thursday, June 29, 2006

When Sunflowers Talk

Sunflowers seem to be the topic of the day, so much so that at the noon meal some of the brothers were coming up with recipes using only the sunflower plant, then I spoke of my use of the sunflower seed head for meditation, and then Bro. Clarence, normally the most rational and logical of us all, presented us with this method of making important life choices, those kinds of choices that change our life direction, choices that put us on another path, even those choices that alter our very being. I must say, the initial amusement was replaced by a time of silence, then I noted brother after brother slipping away and into the kitchen, and some hurrying past the dining table with a handful of styrofoam coffee cups!

Bro. Clarence: When Sunflowers Talk

Acquire some of those styrofoam coffee cups, the large size, white, then get a packet of sunflower seeds, the giant variety. Ballpoint pen in hand, pen each life choice or option on each white cup. Five, ten, twenty ... as many cups as you have life choices. Gather some good soil. Fill each cup with soil, then read aloud the life choice you penned on the cup, say a prayer about that choice, and only that choice, then with eyes closed, pick one seed from the pile of sunflower seeds, then plant it in the soil in the cup. Do the same with all cups. Find a nice sunny place for the cups, and give them equal treatment, and equal watering. Maybe, daily randomly shuffle the cups about. All well and good. Now observe the seeds sprouting into life, reaching for the sun, and daily observe which sunflowers show the most growth. After 30 days, your life choices will become clear.

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