Monday, June 19, 2006

Nothingness is a terrible thing to waste

At the break fast table Bro. Sedwick was somewhat worked up, so with but two paper towels to take notes on, I did glean the following:

"Yes, the atheist must create meaning out of their nothingness."

"First we have Noam Chomsky in The Guardian revealing his god: Biology. 'The urgency of halting the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and moving toward their elimination, could hardly be greater. Failure to do so is almost certain to lead to grim consequences, even the end of biology's only experiment with higher intelligence.'

"Then we have Stephen Hawking proclaiming, 'colonize space or die' ... and we must hurriedly get our DNA off this temporal planet before a really big disaster strikes and reduces us to nothingness. I suppose his motto could be, 'DNA is a terrible thing to waste' ... especially after all this random evolution that could never be recreated and would be lost forever.

"Maybe the motto should be, 'Nothingness is a terrible thing to waste!'"

A few moments later Bro. Sedwick came back from the kitchen holding an iron skillet in one hand and a spatula in the other, then scooped two sunny-side-up eggs onto Bro. Simon's plate while proclaiming, "Well my dear Bro. Simon, did the skillet create your breakfast, or did the chicken, or did the eggs?"

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