Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The cat's out of the bag

Oh dear, is the cat out of the bag?? We at the monastery live a good life, and in the desert we find only the essentials, anything excess is either fried or eroded away. So on days like today, I find myself in my hammock, gazing at the blue sky, and mulling over what "Scientific American" or "Nature" have to say. And I think how wonderful it is, that we mere theologians can do this while the scientist (and even atheist scientist!?) do all the drudge work. Some toil night and day, discovering all the ins-and-outs of God's creations. Marvelous they are, these pesky drones that will not accept anything but what is truly a product of God! And then (can you believe it?) and then they question not the Designer of it all! For to do that would go beyond their mission in life, their mission is of nosing and parsing and untangling and then putting it all down on graph paper! Oh, are we lucky! I just have to thumb through the pages and read about this molecule or that fruit fly or this string of DNA or that string of a theory that perhaps shows that God did indeed 'weave' the entire cosmos, ahhh, String Theory ... can you imagine? Indeed, I get giddy over it all, and am most thankful that they have taken it upon themselves to further reveal what the Psalmist wrote about in the 19th of the Psalms. Thank you white-lab-coated scientist! For, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."

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