Friday, November 17, 2006

Why rattlesnakes alway wear new suits

This morning as I was wandering about outside the East wall I came across the shed skin of a rattlesnake, like a translucent tissue covered with a pattern of tiny diamonds, it revealed a snake that I guess is near four feet in length. Unlike Bro. Clarence, I am not much fascinated by these creatures, I mean by that, if I never again cross paths with another rattlesnake, then I will feel blessed. Of course Bro. Clarence squeals with glee upon sighting any kind of critter, and the more exotic, for him the better. But this shed skin does tweak my imagination and I feel a metaphor coming on ... for how many times in our life do we need to shed our outer skin? I suppose if we never grow, then the old skin will do just fine, but how often do we feel that life is getting a bit tight, we try to stretch, but we can't, like wearing an old suit that may have once been comfortable, it now is tight and our every movement becomes an effort. So too with our mind. Can one live one's entire life with the same old thoughts, the same old ideas? Well, look around, many do. But when your thinking starts to get tight and uncomfortable, when new ideas just won't fit into your skull, then perhaps it's time to shed the old to make room for the new? Okay, metaphor finished, now time for me to head over to the dining room, and if lucky, I'll be able to surprise Bro. Clarence with this rattlesnake skin, for I'm sure he'll be delighted!

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