Sunday, November 19, 2006

Watch out for the hungry ones

Just a quick note this Sunday morning, when I presented the shed rattlesnake skin to Bro. Clarence Friday evening at the dining table, he quickly looked under the table, then made a rather frantic inspection of both the dining room and the kitchen, and only after all this did he say, "I should think we have a very hungry Diamondback in our company." Of course this raised eyebrows, and several brothers couldn't help but make frequent glances over their shoulders, or stoop to peer beneath the table. Without much ado, Bro. Juniper snatched the shed skin from the table and disappeared, and only later did we learn that he buried the skin outside the West wall. Of course by the time dessert was served, I received more than a few wary glances. Upon Bro. Juniper's return, Bro. Clarence said, "A rattlesnake that sheds its skin is most hungry, somewhat like one of us when we loosen a rather tight belt during the course of a meal, freeing the stomach for another pork chop or two."

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