Monday, April 23, 2007

April is the cruellest month?

Out for an extended walk and what can one say when one witnesses so much violence, I mean my every observation today seemed to lay bare cruelty to the extreme, and the world I speak of is that which surrounds us (and inhabits us?), all the very tiny creatures that bring life (and death) to all the earth. Fire ants, or as I called them as a child, red ants, march with so much purpose that woe to the critter that stands in the way, and as I stooped, then knelt on the crusted sand, the lizard had since expired and the red ants seemed puzzled at so great an offering, around and atop this huge creature they danced in tiny circles with some so in a frenzy that I pitied the next to happenstance upon their ceaseless march. And over there a Loggerhead Shrike, as cute as a sparrow and about the same size, yet woe to the critter -- even a small mouse! -- that this bird manages to hold, but being so small the Shrike cannot hold the struggling prey for long, so in a bit of ingenious cruelty it impales the prey on a cactus spine! And no need to speak of the snakes and all the strategies up their sleeves. But they beware of the Roadrunner, the unruly bird will circle even a rattlesnake and faint injury, luring the snake into thinking a quick meal, but that long and sharp bill can snatch snake and fling it into the air, then will fling it and beat it against a rock. Yes, to witness this affair is most unpleasant, yet it and all the other countless acts of violence surround me every minute of every day. Yet, daily my mind prays to God and thanks God for all creation. Does not God think I joke?

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Lucy said...

It's troubling how the acts of nature which often seem to inspire the greatest wonder are the predatory and violent ones.