Friday, April 13, 2007

We now call him Sir Charles

Bro. Juniper is the keeper of the chickens and his hen house provides us with a continuous supply of break fast eggs, but outside the chicken coop he allows Charles, a New Hampshire Red, to wander about the monastery, and that he does, a regal cock of the walk if there ever was one. Now this morning as I was staring at two yolks, over easy, I heard Bro. Clarence clear his throat, a signal to all that something was afoot. He told of a 68 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex bone being found in Montana and what was unique about this bone was that some soft tissue was still present. Unique indeed, after 68 million years! But the amazing part, the scientific part, is that some of this soft stuff produced genetic material that was decoded, and more so, when they sought the closest match to modern-day creatures, they discovered the closest match to be ... to be that of a chicken bone! From T-rex to Charles in 68 million years? So it was a sight to see, after break fast many of the brothers sought out Charles, and from a distance, just observed, observed the child of the dinosaurs. So with that, Bro. Juniper renamed our regal cock of the walk, Sir. Charles.

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