Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ham or eggs, which are you?

On occasion I've heard Bro. Juniper ask of a visitor, "Ham or eggs, which are you?" I must admit that most times his question is received with a puzzled look, a few times I've heard, "Oh, I've had breakfast already." Then he repeats, "Ham or eggs ... which are you?" After which he will smile and go about his business, leaving the visitor to either think the dear brother a bit of a mystery, or, in most cases, will turn to another brother seeking an answer. To which my reply (I think each brother gives a different reply) is, "Ham or egg? Which do you bring to the table? Think of it this way, if you produce the eggs, you are a chicken, the one who is somewhat involved in matters; whereas, if you produce the ham, you are the hog, the one who is fully committed to the matter. So, so to speak, we at the monastery are the hogs of life -- committed fully -- we bring all to the table."

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Lucy said...

Eggs, I'm afraid, definitely eggs. I decided that would have been my response immediately I heard the question, before you explained it, and it's certainly true.
But 'Bartleby' is surely about hedging and non-commitment also?