Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Real End Time Game

Francis of Assisi could have chosen the ‘end time watch’ route (like many televangelist do), after all, the Crusades were in full swing and at one point he visited the Holy Land and witnessed what was taking place, and said, so to speak to the Crusaders, “Hey guys, this isn’t what we are all about.” As many know, Francis preached to all creatures, even the famous Sermon to the Birds, and with a vow of poverty, modeled himself after the apostles of Jesus in his preaching the Good News. So, for Francis, he lived in the present, and his followers, later to become know as the Franciscans, also lived in the present and followed the example of Jesus. It would have been very easy (and logical?) for Francis to look around, see all the chaos in the Holy Land, and then begin playing the end-time game. And by the way, in 1219, when Francis joined the crusaders, instead of fighting, he ended up preaching to the Sultan of Egypt -- Francis of Assisi, never one to pass up an opportunity.

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