Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sacredness of the moment

Yes, every moment is sacred, the gift of life is oh so overwhelming that in these moment-by-moments, one is moved to tears by what God has made us a part of. The other day I was wandering about in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, and oh what a misnomer -- desert. I want to call it 'fullness' for what this clime does to the soul. And Jimmy Joyce, what fun! And Francis of Assisi, can you imagine being among the birds as he preached to them the Good News! And can you further imagine Francis wandering the Dublin of James Joyce, perhaps around a corner stepping before Stephen Dedalus, nodding with a smile as they cross paths, both living the moment, both very much aware of the sacredness of that moment. Yes, the mere nod and smile would suffice.
Bro. Bartleby


shepard said...

don't you LOVE thomas merton?reading this made me think of him. if you'd like to stop by, I'm at'm very indebted to the spiritual attention that 2 saints have provided me..padre pio,,and st lydwine of schiedam...most don't know her..but my story is remarkable,,,she lived 1400's i believe...TAN BOOKS has her story..wonderful ,,i believe it all..cheers,,have fun..maria

Bro. Bartleby said...

Yes, Thomas Merton provides us with the real life dilemma of a Trappist monk seeking that 'silent' life, yet being pulled from all directions for his voice and his thoughts. I'm afraid his unsettled resolution to that dilemma caused his stomach much upset.