Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl at the monastery

Bro. Simon has a jury-rigged Zenith B&W TV that he has hid in the belfry for such occasions as these, and I am the master rabbit-ear adjuster this evening (having to actually hold the rabbit-ears in order to gain a reasonable reception, and it keeps me from actually viewing the game, so I have borrowed Bro. Juniper's iPod and while holding said ears, am listening to some rather festive Gregorian chants, which is somewhat discerning as my vision is filled with some very excitable brothers pumping their arms up and down). Of course I must keep my focus on my duties so that I do not become victim of much incivility from the brothers, who are crowded in the belfry, some sporting Steeler jerseys atop their robes ... a few with Boston U jerseys, of course these brothers are unaware of what is actually taking place, but nevertheless, we allow their misguided cheers.

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