Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saying Grace

Some care about what they eat.
Now read that again, slower.
Some care about what they eat.
No, not what's on your plate.
Some care about the pigs or the cows or the chickens or the corn plants or the stalks of wheat that were sacrificed.
Some care about what they eat. The prayer before a meal, at its center, is an acknowledgment to God that we understand that the plant or animal that we are about to consume was sacrificed on our behalf. I suppose it is all about living in the moment, especially when a feast is before us and the anticipation of what is to come -- the mastication of the T-bone steak or the spicy taco with salsa or the barrel of chicken 'wings' -- so the prayer prior to the feast keeps us moment-centered and may even transform the simple meal to the sacred.

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