Monday, February 27, 2006

Seediness or Seeds of Spirituality?

It is not yet dinner time, yet my return to the monastery finds that many of the brothers rather suspect of my desert trek, in fact I heard one rumor that works to tie my absence to Bro. Simon's rather, as some are addressing it, seedy adventure. I should explain, upon return to the monastery at near the same time as Bro. Simon returned, it was Bro. Juniper who discovered nacho cheese on Bro. Simon's hood, and upon investigation, on the bottom of his left sandal was a glob of chewing gum whereupon was stuck a ticket stub of a movie house that features "classics" as they call them, and this ticket had "Andreiv Rublev" stamped upon it. With this ticket stub in hand, Bro. Juniper, in a bit of pettiness, immediately brought Bro. Sedwick into this tempest in a teapot. With my fondness for Russian films, Bro. Sedwick naturally suspected that I had, instead of fasting in the desert, lured Bro. Simon into eating popcorn and nachos at the movie house. So I'm afraid Abbot Eastley will be called to pass judgment, and here I remain silent in my cubicle. I should mention that it is very uncharacteristic of Bro. Simon to venture out on his own, especially for mere entertainment, so I do hope he is presently composing a rather grace saving critique of this most enchanting of films, a personal favorite of mine, from the opening Icarus-like flight in a patchy air balloon soaring above the vast medieval Russian landscape to Boriska's final revelation. But the question remains, can Bro. Simon, in his youth and his somewhat whimsical temperment, can he convince the dear abbot that his trek too was a worthy life venture. I tend to think so.

We await,
Bro. Bartleby

P.S. One troubling question remains, can one seek a spiritual experience while dipping nachos into melted cheese?

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